Well this is going to touch a little on what is happening with the fun cryptocurrency known as DOGE coin.

Doge has been around for a few years now and though it was started as a meme coin it has spread to an even more popular meme coin. …

The Quintessential Renaissance Man

By Jeff Boulter

When most people think of an artist or a mathematician, they’re usually thinking of two completely different people. Although an intense focus into one singular subject often produces a strong knowledge and mastery of the field, to be a mathematician does not necessarily…

An odd little article of man who helped change history, but did he really only have a few sets of cloths that were all the same?

By Jeff Boulter

Time and time again we hop down the endless rabbit hole trying to answer the ultimate questions about the existence of…

In memory of a wonderful human being.

By Jeff Boulter

“For what we are about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm of genius.” (as Dr. Frankenstein, Young Frankenstein, 1974)

On August 28, 2016, Gene Wilder passed away at the age of 83 due to complications from…

An Economic Struggle

By Jeff Boulter

As a United States Citizen or someone living in the United States of America, if asked by a pollster if you thought of yourself as middle-class how would you answer?

In the United States many would identify as middle-class even though the term is…

Editing break down of “Run Lola Run”

By Jeff Boulter

Many times in life we wish we could go back in time to a moment we would like to change the outcome of, or flash-forward years to be in a place we would rather be. This may be a reason…

This is a little review that I wrote on one of my favorite movies of all times. Though this review has been shortened and deals more on the elements of the movie creation then the theme of the movie. …

Jeff Boulter

Jeff Boulter is here to learn and hopefully help others learn as well. I love reading and find so many great articles here on medium. I hope you find mine too!

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